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What is MogProductions?



We are a proactive advertising agency. 

Our method is to represent your company or product in a unique way and have our driver be a positive influence of your line.


The problem with unimogs for the consumer is that they always attract attention.  Wherever you stop you have the public approaching you and interacting with you.



Mogproductionsoffers the following:


        Interactive advertising; our driver can hand out coupons, flyers, brochures, verbally endorse.


        A unique platform that people notice: if you think about it, most of the other forms of mobile billboard advertising are not dramatically noticed. 

     The advantage of unimogs is

      people really notice them.


*    100% BioDiesel Fuel so it is non-toxic indoors and out.


        Ability to be at festivals, parades, community events, etc. 

    Bus billboards and stationary billboards cannot do this.


        Ability to pinpoint advertising in selected areas.  We can be stuck in rush hour traffic all over the place, again and again.


        Different levels of advertising.  Starting at passive billboards on the side for a month to full vehicle paint for extended periods.  As mentioned above,     representing you at various festivals, events, parades


        Everyday promotion. 

     Mogs are out in the public eye every day, driving around, answering questions, attracting attention, and handing out samples/brochures.


        Can be used as backdrop for promotional events, corporate events.


        Comes with stereo/DVD to promote your products at events.








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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look our Unimog. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!